Commercial splash pad installation

Oasis Waterplaygrounds is a manufacturer who offers turnkey installation with experienced construction teams that can provide fast, effective and efficient installations. As a manufacturer we are highly flexible when it comes to being able to offer customized options for your project along with custom features. Our experienced design team can assist you in bringing your project to life. Our designs are all inclusive & ADA compliant. We also have the most competitive pricing in the industry.

What comes after the design?

Once you have decided on the type and design of your project we will move on to the next phase. The next phase involves providing you engineered stamped drawings so that you may go and obtain any permit(s) required for the permission to build out your splashpad.


Our experienced teams will be scheduled to come and install your splashpad. This will entail a full construction fom the ground up from an experienced and effective team. Our systems include full automation, they meets all local and national health codes.

Splashpads are a great way for kids to enjoy aquatic play in a setting that is safe, sanitary and fully interactive.



Commercial splashpad installation are installations for HOA’s, municipalities, commercial installations and private commerce installations such as RV parks & theme parks.

In order to ensure a high quality product for your municipal or commercial installation, the experience of a commercial construction team is required in order to ensure proper procedures and code are adhered to from the manufacturing through to the installation phases of a project.

Installations are highly dependent on the size and design of a splashpad and can be anywhere from 2-8 weeks.

Yes, all local permitting and regulations need to be adhered to during the construction phase of a project.

Yes, Oasis Waterplaygrounds is a fully integrated design, engineering, conceptual, manufacturing and construction company that can take your project from conception to completion.

Yes, we can design and build any type of equipment to suit a theme or design for your project. As a manufacturer and installer we are highly flexible to customize any part of the project to suit your requirements.

Yes, in many cases they are much safer than pools. With little to no risk of drowning, splashpads are some of the safest ways for your children to play in an aquatic setting.