Splash Pads

About Us

Oasis Waterplaygrounds Inc is a manufacturer of splashpad equipment and water park equipment. We are also a full service installer. We build healthy community spaces for all ages. Our products are designed for municipal parks, playgrounds, and urban spaces, HOA’s and commercial use. Our products are designed to deliver fun and enjoyment while being of the highest quality possible. Our splash pad equipment is innovative and designed to unleash the natural curiosity of kids through play and love of our most precious resource: WATER. Our line of water park equipment promotes dynamic, inclusive play and social interaction.
We provide turnkey splashpads from the very initial design phase. Our design and engineering team will partner with you to provide the design you are imagining and bring it into life. Our engineering team will do a full set of drawings to ensure you have all the proper requirements and stamped drawings to be able to acquire the permit(s) that are required by local law(s). Once production is complete, our experienced construction teams will be onsite to do a full installation and training of your staff to ensure your community has a product to enjoy for the years ahead.

What is a splashpad?

Splash pads are zero depth pools which means there is a much lower risk of drowning for children. Although supervised play is always required, as a parent it is a much safer and more interactive way to enjoy aquatic play. Splashpads also encourage a higher level of exercise by encouraging your kids to run between features.

What do we offer?

Oasis Waterplaygrounds is a manufacturer who offers turnkey installation with experienced construction teams that can provide fast, effective and efficient installations. As a manufacturer we are highly flexible when it comes to being able to offer customized options for your project along with custom features. Our experienced design team can assist you in bringing your project to life. Our designs are all inclusive & ADA compliant. We also have the most competitive pricing in the industry.

What comes after the design?

Once you have decided on the type and design of your project we will move on to the next phase. The next phase involves providing you engineered stamped drawings so that you may go and obtain any permit(s) required for the permission to build out your splashpad.


Our experienced teams will be scheduled to come and install your splashpad. This will entail a full construction fom the ground up from an experienced and effective team. Our systems include full automation, they meets all local and national health codes.



Oasis Waterplaygrounds is a fully integrated design company. Our specialists can assist with design and conceptual rendering for your project.

Yes Oasis Waterplaygrounds provides an industry leading warranty and maintenance service. We will be there in the years to come to ensure your splashpad is fully maintained and in the best state to serve your community.

Splashpad construction has multiple phases.

  • Layout work: this stage involves laying out the site, marking off all incoming and outgoing piping. Marking the location of all features and pipes to be installed in the following phases.
  • Trenching and plumbing: this stage involves digging out all trenches required for the installation of plumbing lines and drainage lines. 
  • Feature Installation: Concrete footings are dug and poured for each feature. Once that is done, the features are installed onto these concrete footings.
  • Compaction and framing: the ground is compacted and gravel is added and compacted to create a sub layer for the stability of the concrete pad. The framing of the splashpad is formed to the shape of the splashpad.
  • Concrete: concrete is poured at a minimum of 4000psi and finished according to client specifications
  • Finishing: Spraydeck or PIP surfacing are applied if it forms part of the design.
  • Training and Startup: Full training is provided to maintenance staff including winterizing and startup processes.

We offer splashpad equipment, waterpark equipment, fountain equipment.

Installations are highly dependent on the size and design of a splashpad and can be anywhere from 2-8 weeks.

Oasis Waterplaygrounds is a fully integrated design, engineering, conceptual, manufacturing and construction company that can take your project from conception to completion.